Wellington, New Zealand

Why a Staycation Challenge?

If a good friend were to arrive on your doorstep to stay for a few days and see the sights in your area, would you know what to recommend they see and do?

Believe it or not most people will answer NO to that question. They might be able to tell you some of the well-known things to see and do but that would be about it. Most people go to work, come home and that’s it. Some may belong to a networking group, club or association. Some may have kids sports, activities or interests and that is about as much of their local area that they get to see.

Some may know there is a park or beach nearby and may once in a while, go and have picnic there or drive by it. Some will actually leave town and take a short vacation. Too often these days people are NOT taking vacations. They feel they can’t afford the time to go away. It could be their employer discourages them from taking time off. It could be they are business owners and haven’t strategically planned their vacation time at the beginning of the year and then things get busy and they ‘run’ out of time for their vacation.

Here are my thoughts on vacations…you canNOT afford to NOT take a vacation. Last year Forbes Magazine wrote an awesome article about the importance of a vacation. By taking a vacation you are giving yourself a mental and physical break from your daily routine. By doing this you are resetting yourself. Like rebooting your computer or clearing out the cache helps speed up your computer you have now rebooted yourself and will become more creative and more productive. Everyone benefits!

One of the vacation options you have is to take a Staycation. This is where you turn your home into a hotel. Yes it takes a bit of planning BUT the cool part…it doesn’t cost much. You don’t have the expense of a hotel, meals (unless you choose to dine out), flights, etc. The idea of the Staycation Challenge is to get you to find as many free or low cost things to see and do within in your local area. For this we have sent the spending mark at $10 per person per day. You are probably wondering how you can achieve this with meals, snacks, drinks etc. Very simple…pack a cooler with some food, snacks and drinks and take it with you. Have a picnic. Now you have up to $10 per person per day to spend on things to see and do.

In our Staycation Challenge we want you to see what you can find in your local area. What resources you have available to you to help you find the things that are free or have a low cost. Then plan what 2-3 days you are going to set aside for your Staycation and plan your days. Once you have completed your Staycation we want you to write about it and submit your original photos and stories to us here using the Contact Us or via our Staycation Challenge Facebook Group. We will be selecting the best stories to feature here on our website.

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