Space Shuttle Endeavor

Staycation Challenge Space Shuttle Endeavor

A few weeks ago as we were starting a road trip around the Southwest we headed to Los Angeles. On the way to our accommodations for the night we swung by the California Science Center and the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Our goal was to just go in and see the Space Shuttle and then depending on time we would then wander around the Science Center.

Tail of Space Shuttle EndeavorBefore we left home we knew that we had to reserve a time slot for the shuttle. We hopped online and made the reservation. There was a $2 per person fee to reserve a time slot. We printed off the tickets and set off to see the space shuttle. When we got there we had to pay for parking which was $10. There were four of us in the car so we were still within our $10 per person per day budget. We were there on a Wednesday in mid-May and thought we had a nice quiet time to visit. We couldn’t have been more wrong!

There were school children EVERYWHERE! It must have been a popular school field trip to the California Science Center day. We got there just before 12noon and our tickets were for 12:15pm. After parking we quickly found where to go to see the shuttle. We were sent first into a room that talked about life onboard the shuttle and showed some of the equipment used onboard for sleeping, eating, keeping fit, personal items, and even saw a space toilet and a video talking about how it is used and how the astronauts are trained to use it.

We then saw a brief film about the space shuttle arriving in Los Angeles and its road journey to the Science Center. Boy were there some VERY tight turns and narrow streets the shuttle had to maneuver through!

After that we then walked down some stairs and through a door over to the temporary building the shuttle is being housed in. It was AWESOME!! We spent just over an hour wandering around and under the shuttle. Around the edge of the building they had a chronological history of the space shuttle program with information on each mission by all the space shuttles. It made fascinating reading.

Space Shuttle EngineOh have to say, they have volunteers who are there to help answer any questions about the shuttle. My husband ended up talking with one of the volunteers who happened to love space stuff as much as my husband does. They had a great conversation. The people who are there to answer your questions have a wealth of knowledge and are only too willing to help with any questions you have about the space shuttle. Yes they will answer your questions in plain English and not in tech talk. The person I spoke with was able to talk to me in a way I could understand but if someone else was more advance on their space knowledge than me they could talk the talk with them. They really do enhance the experience of seeing and learning more about the space shuttle program.

One display was the project they are working on for the final display of the shuttle. It is going to be even better when it is finished. I definitely want to go back and see it again once the project is finished. Although I couldn’t find anything to say when that would be.

After we left the hanger with the shuttle we left the center. There were too many kids running around. What we got to see of the center looked very cool with tons of hands on stations. I love places like this where you get to play with the exhibits. I would definitely like to go back to the Science Center again to look around at the other exhibits they have but that day was way too crowded.

It turned out to be a fascinating time at the California Science Center seeing the Space Shuttle Endeavor. I’m really glad we were able to see it and that my parents were there to see it too. The total experience expense was $18. If you divide that by 4 people it came to $4.50 per person. Well within our budget of $10 per person per day.

Have you been to the California Science Center? Have you seen the Space Shuttle Endeavor? Share your experience and thoughts of the center with us below.

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