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Staycation Challenge Hints and Tips

San Diego Summer FunWhen thinking about your Staycation Challenge commit to doing it and put it on your calendar. If you THINK about doing a Staycation it won’t happen. When you commit to making it happen and put it on your calendar your subconscious will go to work to make it happen. Before you start your Staycation Challenge you will need to do some planning. You are probably thinking where do you start? This is a great question.

The answer is easier than you think. If you have kids get them involved too. Start with Google and find local community event pages to see what events are coming up over the days you have chosen for the challenge. Now you may find an event you would like to go to that doesn’t fall across the dates you want to do the Staycation Challenge. No problem. You can always move the dates to fit the event into the challenge.

Another place you can look is your local newspapers. Usually on the daily paper there is one day a week where they include a calendar of events. This has a wealth of information with events that cover a wide variety of events, activities, etc. Some communities have a local weekly community paper, these always have events and activities too.

Another place to look is calendars of events in your local community center or the newsletter for a club or association you belong to.

What are some of your favorite places to search for events and activities for your Staycation Challenge? Please share your ideas below.

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