The Gardens at Bellagio Las Vegas

Some Staycation Ideas for Las Vegas

Recently I was in Vegas for a couple of nights with my husband and parents. As we are not gamblers we decided to check out and see what other things were available in the city for the non-gamblers. We found a lot of free entertainment in the city and had a great two nights.

It was my fifth trip to Vegas and in all my other visits I had NEVER seen the Bellagio Fountains. Well on this trip we certainly made up for it. We all stood there and watch three shows as they were every 15 minutes. They were amazing! Each show was a different piece of music or song. You can check them out on my YouTube Channel.

Next we walked along the strip to the Mirage to watch the Volcano show in front of the hotel. WOW!! Unfortunately I didn’t video this one. Have to leave something to video next time I go back. But it was very impressive. Not only was there flames coming out of the volcano there were flames shooting up from the water and the sides of the volcano. Very cool!Gondola rides on the Grand Canal at The Venetian

On our way back to the car we had left parked at the Bellagio we stopped and watched another two fountain shows. We were a little addicted to them. :)

The next day we walked through the Venetian and window-shopped along the Grand Canal Shoppes. As we strolled along we could hear and see the Gondoliers singing as they were transporting people around the canal in the Gondolas.

We ended up in St Mark’s Square and sat and watched the human “marble” statue on display. It was a few minutes before 12 noon and that is when the Streetmosphere came out and entertained us with music, song and antics. They were wonderful in amazing costumes and incredible classic trained voices.

After the shGardens at the Bellagioow we then went over to the Bellagio and walked through their lobby area where they had the most beautiful garden display. They had a green house was actually an aviary with over 50 birds. There were fountains, giant hand shovels, garden gloves, and watering cans, etc. even Koi ponds. It was amazing!

We were getting a little hungry by this stage so we drove back to where we were staying at the Excalibur and walked across the pedestrian walkway to New York, New York. We walked through the casino to where they had an area set up to look like you were walking through a neighborhood of New York with lots of places to eat and some café tables. You could choose from deli, pastries, bars, pizza, pasta, etc. for your lunch. Loved how this area was setup.


The Boiler Room at Mandalay BayThat evening we walked from the Excalibur through to Luxor, Mandalay Bay and THE Hotel. We checked out the inside of the Luxor pyramid and the statues they had setup in the entryway and atrium. We walked through to Mandalay Bay and got to do some more window-shopping along the way. The Boiler Room entry was VERY cool. Lots of metal bits and pieces were welded together to create an archway over the door. We checked out Peter Lik Gallery…amazing photography art. Beautiful!! Unfortunately I didn’t have any wall space to display the incredible vibrant pieces. Maybe one day after I get one or two Fabian Perez (my favorite artist) pieces of art, then I will look at getting a Peter Lik piece.

We found Mandalay Ba to be very minimalistic compared to what we had seen in other hotels we had visited. But then the Orient theme will explain that. We did see a massive wine tower in the Aureole Restaurant. It was very impressive!

We walked from Mandalay through to THE Hotel. It was very zen-like with the lighting, color scheme and music. I felt like I was walking through a spa rather than a hotel. We finally found the front desk area but by then the spa/zen like atmosphere has disappeared as temporary walls were up as they were renovating the reception area of the hotel.

1924 Ford Model T Roadster at Mandalay BayAs we walked back to the Excalibur we found the 1923 Bourbon & Burlesque Bar near the escalator in Mandalay Bay that takes you up to the shops. There was a 1924 Ford Model T Roadster in front of the bar. It was in great condition. The bar was very cool. It was made to look like it was in a basement and was basically a hole-in-the-wall type place during prohibition. The bartender looked like a gangster from the 1920’s. Very cool! Since we don’t drink we didn’t try out the bar, so can’t give you an opinion on the bourbons and other drinks it offers.

We had a great time in Vegas and the only money we spent was on our rooms for the two nights we were there, food and a couple of souvenirs. For me my souvenirs are always a fridge magnet and a postcard or two. Occasionally I will splurge on something else.  All the entertainment we saw was FREE!! Can’t complain about that. We had a great time in Vegas, tons of walking and we got to see some very cool things at some of the hotels on the strip. It is very easy to find some free things to see and in Vegas especially along the strip by visiting the hotels and seeing how they are decorated to the theme of the hotel. You can find many cheap places to eat. Some hotels offer free entertainment like we saw with the fountains at Bellagio, volcano show at Mirage, Streetmosphere at Venetian along with singing Gondoliers.

What other things can you find to see and do in Las Vegas for no more than $10 per person per day? Please share your stories and ideas below in the form.

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